Welcome to the internet platform of BACELL, the umbrella organization for the European scientific community investigating the biology and application of Bacillus species and related Gram-positive bacteria.

BACELL is supported by the Bacillus Industrial Platform (BACIP), an association of industries promoting and supporting research and development of Bacillus and other Gram-positive microorganisms.

The next international conference on Gram-positive bacteria will take place in Prague from June 14–17, 2022.
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Thank you, Emma Denham (University of Bath, UK) and Matthew Cabeen (Oklahoma State University, USA) for organizing a successful virtual conference of Subtillery in 2021.

Subtillery III is in the making.
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Great new study from @HamoenLeendert! Discovery of an anchor protein for chromosomal loops in Bacillus subtilis!
@NatureGenet #subtilis #Bacillus

🤔Fantastic story: GOGAT, the key enzyme required for de novo synthesis of glutamate, which is the major amino group donor every living cell, controls the activity of a trigger enzyme in Bacillus subtilis!

@Nature #subtilis #glutamate #bacillus



A big new ParA/SMC paper from @Errington_Lab
,@Gruber_Lausanne, and @heathmurraylab. A must read for bacterial chromosome and ParABS aficionados. Great work Dave and everyone else involved!

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