SubtiWiki is based on a relational database and provides access to published information about the genes and proteins of B. subtilis and about metabolic and regulatory pathways.

B. subtilis Expression Data Browser

The B. subtilis Expression Data Browser provides tiling array expression data for various growth conditions and a genome browser with the experimental annotation of transcription units and non-coding RNAs acquired during the BaSysBio European project.


SporeWeb serves as an interactive knowledge platform about the sporulation cycle of B. subtilis. An interactive figure will guide you through gene regulatory events during the different stages of the bacterial sporulation process.

See our new @NatureRevMicro Review on B.subtilis biofilm and its social side
- with @MicroSofia @natalie_bamford and @bacteriacities

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An updated version (v4) is the new default in SubtiWiki! Includes information on homologs and COGs!
Check it out:

Thank you, ⁦@TiagoPedreira8⁩ ⁦@IMPRS_GS⁩

Registration and abstract submission is now open for #Subtillery2021 Meeting dates 14-18 June. Abstract submission deadline - 7th May. Meeting registration deadline - 1st June. Hope to see as many of you virtually as possible #BacillusRules 🧫@CabeenLab

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