BACIP Logo 2020

The Bacillus Industrial Platform (BACIP) is an association of industries promoting and supporting research and development of Bacillus and related Gram-positive industrial microorganisms. The purpose of the association is to promote research and development on Bacillus species in order to establish new methodologies and products, and to promote the dissemination of information to the public on the many contributions that biotechnology can offer in the area of Bacillus processes and products.

BACIP supports Bacillus research and knowledge exchange sponsoring the annual BACELL meeting and the bi-annual international conference on bacilli and Gram-positive bacteria. Furthermore, it encourages young scientists to work on Bacillus by organizing poster and speaker prices, and by sponsoring iGEM student teams that choose to develop advanced synthetic biology approaches based on Bacillus.

Current BACIP members are:
Novozymes, BASF, DSM, Dupont, Christian Hansen, BRAIN, Puratos, Corbion, AB Enzymes, Roal Oy and Kerry.

My former PhD student is looking for a PhD student to work on an exciting project in Listeria - please apply! https://t.co/0mzDMffO8z

PhD position University of Amsterdam: Understanding Translation Bottlenecks of Enzyme Production. Challenging, fundamental & applied project using mol biol and novel next gen-seq techniques. >12 months experience with mol gen tech required. PM me for more information.

Great study in @dev_cell, congratulations ⁦@CRodriguesLab⁩, ⁦@Ahmedbiooo⁩ and David Rudner ! Chromosome Segregation and Peptidoglycan Remodeling Are Coordinated at a Highly Stabilized Septal Pore to Maintain Bacterial Spore Development https://t.co/e104CZfoQa

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